Public transports shut down

Limit commute to counter coronavirus

All over the world the novel coronavirus has created a sense of terror resulting in the shutting down of all types of transportation. In Bangladesh too the government has ordered suspension of transport operations across the country in an effort to contain further spread of coronavirus. 

Experts opine that any sort of movement from home can prove to be dangerous for the health as it is very easy to contract the virus. On top of that, maintaining social distance against a virus whose vaccine is yet to be found is the best way to limit its spread. 

This  unprecedented outbreak, although has arrived late

 in Bangladesh, is still quite  catastrophic because of the

 high population density of the country

Facing such a dire situation, the government's decision to suspend all sorts of transport is truly praiseworthy and highly appreciated. In Bangladesh the coronavirus has so far affected at least 39 people and has claimed the lives of four. This unprecedented outbreak, although has arrived late in Bangladesh, is still quite catastrophic because of the high population density of the country. 

Hence, this shutting down of all transportation might prove to be effective as this is an approach which has already been undertaken by many of the countries which have been hit by the virus. 

Movement of passenger buses and flights across the country has been suspended until April 4. Even if that is quite a few days away, the authorities must be ready to extend this order if the virus' severity is seen to expand. However, it is good that covered vans and vehicles carrying medicines, fuels and all other goods would remain outside the purview of the transport suspension.

This will ensure that even if commuting doesn't take place, there will still be availability of essential supplies. The authorities concerned must ensure that no illegal activities can occur surrounding this suspension. If there is any such irregularity then that must be dealt strong handedly.