Protect children from online harassment

Ensure safe use of internet

Over the last ten years, Bangladesh has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of technology available to and used by children. A widespread intervention of technology over the years not only has changed the way our children used to behave, think and interact but also reshaped the entire system in which they live. Children today are part of a digital generation that has grown up in a world surrounded by technology and the internet. Here children are increasingly getting afflicted to the usage of internet and thus internet is occupying a key part of our children’s growing up while helping them develop an identity and connect with the virtual world.

Children’s access to technology poses both negative and positive impact. The virtual world helps children to exploit a new communicative paradigm. Today’s children are able to ascertain between competing facts more accurately and make decisions more quickly. But using internet is not always safe for children and there has to be a guideline for children to make them able to utilize internet potentially for the betterment of their intellectual development. The internet is the great equalizer giving equal access to information and educational content to young learners. Hence, ensuring safer internet should be the first and foremost priority for guardians, teachers and everyone involved in the ecosystem.

a guideline should be incorporated to teach

 not only students but also the teachers on

 how to be responsible and safe

 towards their activities over the internet

Online harassment and cyber-bullying is a growing global problem and in Bangladesh, reportedly, more than 32 per cent of children who have access to internet face online harassment. Cyber-bullying and online-harassment can cause profound harm as it can reach a wider audience and can remain accessible online indefinitely. However, we can reduce the chances of online violence and cyber-bullying by ensuring strict implementation of the cyber security law. It is good to note that the government formed Digital Security Agency for overseeing the overall cyber security for protection of children from being harassed and sexually abused, through appropriate utilisation of laws and updating them as per the need. 

Now what is needed is to build awareness about the impact of cyber-bullying and online harassment among the parents, teachers and children. Capacity building of children, teachers and parents for identifying, preventing and responding cyber-bullying and online harassment is a must. Also a guideline should be incorporated to teach not only students but also the teachers on how to be responsible and safe towards their activities over the internet.