Production resumes at Jamuna fertiliser factory after gas supply crunch goes

Published : 20 May 2022 08:28 PM

Jamuna Sarkarkhana, the only urea fertilizer producer in the country, located at Tarakandi in Sarishabari, Jamalpur, has started production after overcoming the faults and gas crisis. Despite repairing mechanical faults, the Jamuna government could not go into production due to gas crisis. The factory returned to fertilizer production from midnight on Monday, seven days after the fault was rectified. The matter has been confirmed by Md. Zakir Hossain, MD of Jamuna Government.

According to reliable sources of the factory, the daily production capacity of Jamuna Fertilizer Factory is 1700 MT. Due to low gas pressure, it comes down to 1326 MT. Industries Secretary Zakia Sultana visited the Jamuna Fertilizer Factory on May 14. He assured the factory authorities that they would make arrangements for the supply of gas as required. In order to run a factory smoothly and safely, it is necessary to supply stable gas under pressure and quantity as per the demand. Valuable equipment and parts of the factory are likely to be severely damaged if the gas pressure fluctuates. The Jamuna could not go into production even after repairing the mechanical faults without getting the required gas supply. The matter was brought to the notice of the higher authorities of BCIC (JFCL) factory authorities.

The short shutdown of Jamuna Fertilizer Factory started on March 26 this year. Jamuna returned to production on May 2 after a short shutdown. Due to the gas crisis, mechanical failure occurred again 5 days after the start of production. For this reason, the factory authorities shut down the entire ammonia plant out of concern for the safety of the factory.

After completing the necessary preparatory work, the leakage test was done on 12 May. Everything is fine. Now it's time to move on to production. Gas crisis again. In order to run the factory smoothly and safely, 45.0 mmcf gas supply at a pressure of 25 kg is required round the clock.

The factory authorities started the production process on May 12. However, the gas pressure was not stable at all. At 8 am that day, the gas pressure was 18.90 kg. At 6 pm it came down to 6.30 kg. As the gas pressure decreases rapidly, the safety of the factory comes to the fore. Of the 160 burners in the primary reformer, 140 were disconnected.

Jamuna Fertilizer Factory is a state-of-the-art heavy industrial plant. If the load of this factory fluctuates frequently, there is a possibility of extensive damage to valuable machinery and equipment. The source said that the Jamuna Fertilizer Factory resumed production on Monday night due to good gas pressure.

In this regard, General Manager (Operations) of Jamuna Fertilizer Factory Abdul Hakim said that in order to keep the factory running smoothly and safely, it is necessary to supply gas at constant pressure and quantity according to the demand. To complete the other stages of the production process, a daily supply of 45.0 mmcf gas at a pressure of 25 kg is required.