Prices of essentials mark gradual decline

In the second week of Ramadan, prices of daily essentials were found going down gradually in the capital’s kitchen markets. Prices of onion, a few vegetables, and broiler and layer chicken also marked a decline. Prices of Ramadan essentials like gram, lentils, green chili, cucumber and onion remained like those in the past week, while prices of grocery items remained stable.

The scenario was revealed in the capital’s Karwan Bazar, Rampura and Malibagh kitchen markets. Per kilogram (kg) local onion was selling at Tk 30, while imported onion, based on quality was Tk 20-24. Garlic price slightly rose to sell at Tk 120, which was Tk 100 per kg last week while ginger price remained as in the past week at per kg Tk 100.

Beef and mutton were selling at Tk 525 and Tk 750 per kg as fixed by the government, boulder beef was Tk 500 per kg, buffalo meat was Tk 480. A butcher at Karwan Bazar said, ‘if they sell beef as per government rate, it will become difficult to make profit, expressing fear they informed that from morning to noon they sold beef as per the rate, but in the afternoon, they sold per kg beef at Tk 550.

On the other hand, broiler chicken was selling at Tk 140-150 per kg, red layer chicken Tk 180, and Pakistani chicken Tk 240-250 per kg, and local chicken Tk 600.On visits to the above mentioned kitchen markets, it was found that gram was selling at Tk 78-84 per kg, khesari dal Tk 65-70, lentil Tk100-110. Local onion was Tk 30-35 while the imported one was Tk 20-25.
At vegetable markets, per kg green chili was Tk 80, papaya Tk 50, cucumber Tk 40, carrot Tk 50, tomato Tk 30-40, lemon Tk 20-40 (four pieces), brinjal Tk 40-50, bitter gourd Tk 50, okra Tk 50, gourd Tk 50-60 and multitude Tk 40-50 per kg.
Karwan Bazar vegetable trader Ibrahim said, new vegetables will arrive in the market soon, leading to the kitchen markets becoming stable.

Egg price was also found as in the previous week. In the fish market, price of fishes were also found like those in the previous week. Chital fish was selling at Tk 500-550 per kg, Awn fish, Tk 650-700, Rui-Katla Tk 300-600 per kg, and tilapia, Tk 150-200, Boal fish, Tk 700-900, Pangas, Tk 180-250, Pabda, Tk 600, and Shing, Tk 400-600.
Mentionable, to monitor the kitchen markets, the commerce ministry has opened a monitoring cell, and if consumers find unusual price of essentials, they can submit complaints by dialing 9549133, 01712-168917, 9515344 and 01987-787209 numbers. Besides, the city corporations will set up digital price board in the capital’s kitchen markets in the next two weeks.