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Price hike hits consumers hard

Published : 22 Oct 2021 10:11 PM | Updated : 23 Oct 2021 03:12 PM

Prices of essentials are yet to return to normalcy despite the government’s several steps. For the last few weeks prices of all most all essentials remained high, a burden for low earning people.

Consumer Association of Bangladesh (CAB) Ghulam Rahman told Bangladesh Post that, “Continuous price hike trend became a burden for middle and lower class people. Due to the pandemic people’s earning decreased and essential prices are increasing, in this situation the government should create alternative ways which may help peoples to increase their income.” 

The market for onion, edible oil, sugar and lentils has become unstable. Even after fixing the prices of these commodities by the government, somehow these are remaining out of control. Even the various initiatives including the monitoring system are not yielding any positive results. 

In the current situation, the commerce ministry held several emergency meetings with millers, importers and wholesalers in phases. Everyone concerned is strictly warned. Necessary instructions have been given to all the Deputy Commissioners to further strengthen the monitoring activities of the government. 

Even though the government has fixed the prices, the prices of edible oil and sugar are not being kept under control. 

FBCCI president Jasim Uddin at an exchange meeting on stocks, imports, supply and price situation of essential commodities has said, “The income of the common peoples has decreased due to the Covid-19. People suffer when the prices of essential commodities go up, but the reality is that prices of fish, meat, poultry, onions and rice have skyrocketed.”

However, he further expressed his firm confidence to break the unscrupulous syndicate who are responsible for manipulating market. 

Although the prices have not increased again in a week, all kinds of vegetables are being sold at high prices in the markets. At the same time, there is uneasiness about the price of chicken. 

A search of various markets in the capital on Friday revealed that traders were selling broiler chickens at Tk 185 to Tk 190 per kg. Sonali chicken is being sold at Tk 330 to Tk 350 per kg. And layer chicken is being sold at Tk 220 to Tk 230 per kg. 

The prices of rice, pulses, oil, sugar, onion and garlic are all unusual. Some profiteering traders are manipulating prices. The price of onion became Tk 60 per kg following the government announced the withdrawal of duty. 

The retail price of edible oil in the market is Tk 160 per liter. Besides, a liter of oil of different brands is being sold in the market at Tk 155 to Tk 160. Sugar is being sold at Tk 85 per kg. Besides, a packet of sugar is being sold at Tk 90 per kg.

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