Press conference on corona period education system on Wednesday

Education Minister Dipu Moni has decided to hold a press conference on the coronavirus situation, students' education, parents' concerns and what to do in the circumstance.
The education minister will hold a press conference at noon on Wednesday (September 30), the ministry’s public relations officer Mohammad Abul Khair said.
According to a ministry source, “Education Minister Dipu Moni will discuss at the press conference whether the ongoing holidays of educational institutions in the country are increasing due to corona, the postponed HSC exams and the education system during coronavirus period.”
HSC and equivalent examinations were scheduled to start on April 1, but have been postponed due to coronavirus infection.
Besides, the final examination of fifth and eighth class is not being held. The students of these classes are to be promoted in the upper class by evaluating them at their educational institution.
Meanwhile, the government has allowed English medium students to take 'O' and 'A' level exams under the British Council in October and November under four conditions. In this case, the hygiene rules of the health care department and the guidelines of the World Health Organization should be strictly followed.
The Ministry of Education said, "If any candidate is infected with Covid-19 during the examination, the British Council will have to bear the responsibility." At any time, the government may revoke permission to take the test in the "public interest" given the circumstances.
It is to be noted that due to the epidemic, the leave of the educational institution has been extended from September 1 to October 3.