Preparations on for Durga Puja in Bera

Published : 09 Oct 2020 08:17 PM | Updated : 09 Oct 2020 08:18 PM

The biggest religious festival of the Hindu community is Sri Sri Shardiya Durga Puja. The Hindu community of the country is getting ready to receive Goddess Durga. Like the rest of the country, the Hindus of Pabna's Bera Upazila are preparing themselves to pay homage to their adored Goddess, Mother Durga. 

Due to the corona epidemic, the joyous festival of Durga Puja will become much more auspicious. Hygiene rules will be strict in the unpretentious Durgotsab. The temple authorities have finally decided to perform Durga Puja in almost every private and Baroari temple in the upazila last year amid dilemma over whether to worship or not.

Apart from the Upazila Sadar, the construction of idols and puja mandapas has already started in the villages of the Union. The permanent puja mandapas are being repaired and painted. The work of making idols in almost all the temples is progressing at a fast pace. Somewhere the idol has been coated with clay more than once. Shashank Pal, a potter from Trimohoni village in Bera upazila, Sasthi Pal from Maldha Para village, Binoy Pal from Charpara mahalla, Pran Gopal Pal from Pechakola village and a few others talked about making idols.

Pottery artist Shashank Pal said that last year and this year the calculation has changed. In the last puja, he used to take 40,000 to 60,000 taka per idol depending on the type, but this time due to the corona virus, all calculations are out of the question. According to potter Sasthi Pal, it costs Tk 15,000 to Tk 20,000 to buy idol costumes such as Georgette sari, assorted puti, sequins and lace work lace, diamond putti, gold chumki and City Gold jewelery. What used to be made of clay and paint, this time the decoration of the idol is being reduced a lot.

Idol artist Binoy Pal said cork sheets are now being used to make idol chali. The manifestation of modernity is happening everywhere. It costs a lot more to make an idol with cork sheets. Every idol artist said that the puja committee is controlling the cost of making the idol this time.

The decoration and lighting of the gates and pandals make the Durgatsab more lively as there is a competition for making idols in the Shardiya Durga Puja festival. This time there is no preparation for competitive Durga Puja pandals and lighting. Decorator traders are not busy. The workers are working lazily in the simple puja pandal that is being made, there is no hurry.

Asked about the law and order situation during the puja, Bela Model Police Officer-in-Charge SM Abul Kalam Azad said, "Like every year, we     SEE 

will take all possible measures to ensure that the Hindu community can observe the religious festival without any hindrance and health." Members of the police force, including members of the Ansar force, will be on 24-hour vigil at every temple, avoiding the possibility of any untoward incident or sabotage by avoiding the watchful eye of the mobile police team. There will be special surveillance outside the fenced municipal area, especially in the village pujo mandapas.