Post-Eid waste management

City corporations deserve appreciation for their prompt action

The holy Eid-ul-Azha, the second biggest religious festival of the Muslims, was celebrated across the country on Saturday with due solemnity, religious fervor and zeal. On the occasion, Muslims across the country offered prayers in congregations and sacrificed animals. 

However, this year Dhaka city corporations have claimed achievement in delivering to the promise of cleaning up the capital of animal wastes within 24 hours. Reportedly, over 6,000 tonnes of waste materials had accumulated in 75 wards under Dhaka South City Corporation. 

On the other hand, the quantity of cattle waste in the 54 wards under Dhaka North City Corporation was about 5,000 tonnes. We are told that city corporation workers removed all the waste within 2pm on Sunday.

Like previous years, despite having designated places for slaughtering, city dwellers slaughtered their cattle on the streets in front of their respective houses, with bloods running down the streets. Indeed, such problems reflect our carelessness. Reports say that in different areas of the capital, people were found slaughtering cattle everywhere, making roads dirtier. Many families were using their parking lots for slaughtering and then sweeping the places with water sending blood and dung onto the streets. 

We applaud the city corporations 

as well as the city dwellers for 

performing a cleaner Eid this year

The lesson learnt from this Eid is that the responsibility of keeping this city clean does not fall on the shoulders of the city corporations alone. Citizens, in general, have to perform their duties with sincerity and discipline. 

We wholeheartedly applaud the city corporations as well as the residents of the capital for performing a cleaner Eid this year. But in future, we want more responsible actions from the citizens in cooperating with the city corporations’ initiatives to manage waste. Also we expect better coordination among various departments, proper enforcement of laws, strict monitoring and vigilance by the members of the law enforcement agencies in order to ensure a cleaner environment after Eid-ul-Azha in future.