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Police will motivate people to follow health rules, says IGP

Published : 18 Mar 2021 09:28 PM | Updated : 19 Mar 2021 12:50 AM

Members of Bangladesh Police are going to work on the ground level again to prevent the rise of coronavirus infection.

Inspector General of Bangladesh Police (IGP) Dr Benazir Ahmed said this while addressing a press conference at Rajarbag Police Lines in the capital on Thursday. 

He said, “Police will work across the country to motivate the people to wear masks.”

The IGP said, “There is no alternative to wear masks for preventing corona virus. We all follow strict health rules.  If we follow health rules properly, we and our family can be free from corona.”

Responding to a question whether police will force people to wear mask, the IGP said,"We are not saying  it is compulsory. We want to inspire them to wear masks through motivation and creating awareness.” 

Why do we need to force people to wear a mask? I hope people will wear masks for themselves and their families out of a sense of responsibility, he hoped.

Dr Benazir Ahmed said, “The program will start from March 21 with the slogan ' Wear Mask, Make COVID Free Bangladesh.” 

Community police and beat police will work on it. They will encourage mass people to wear masks, providing masks free of costs if needed.

Referring to the corona infection statistics, the IGP said, “February had the lowest number of cases in the last one year. But in March, there was an upward trend again. So far 4.7 million people have been vaccinated. But this is the first dose. Corona cannot be prevented by taking one dose, it needs two doses. Corona cannot be stopped if we show negligence.”

"Everyone has to follow health rules strictly," he said, adding, “We should wear masks, wash hands  with soap repeatedly and should keep hand sanitizer with us, if necessary”. 

He further said, “If you go to a public place or a risky place, you should take off your clothes and wash that with hot water after returning home.”

In responding to another question whether police will stop big political events, gatherings and religious program, the IGP said, “The issue of giving permission depends on the situation. We have to strictly follow the health rules in every event even, if we give permission.

He warned that it would be difficult to stop the upward trend of the corona situation, if we move outside freely without wearing a mask.