PM dissatisfied over revised projects

Reprimand bureaucrats

Published : 26 Jan 2022 09:54 PM

While approving 10 projects involving Taka 4,621.34 crore at the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) meeting on Tuesday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expressed her dissatisfaction over frequent time extensions and rising cost of some development projects. It needs to be mentioned that among the approved 10 projects, five are new while five others are revised ones.

The public agencies have failed to implement many projects within the stipulated time. Seeking revisions they are placing those before the ECNEC meeting to get the prime minister’s official nod frequently. We think this is very unfortunate for the nation as frequent revision and slow implementation of projects are increasing the cost. Reportedly, in most cases, the ministries and agencies seek revision of the projects even twice or thrice or come to the Planning Commission for re-appropriation of their allocated funds for respective projects.

Therefore, the commission has been forced to re-appropriate funds for many projects of different agencies even after revision of the ADP. In this regard, the authorities concerned must check the obstacles that come in the way of completing projects within the stipulated time frame. Besides, coordination among all the stakeholders will have to be strengthened further. 

Coordination among all the 

stakeholders will have to 

be strengthened further

Ministries concerned, secretaries, project directors and other officials must ensure proper implementation of the projects. In this regard, the ministries should not change the project directors frequently and monitor the development works regularly.

Since long it has been observed that most of the bureaucrats always show loyalty to the government but do not work sincerely, dedicatedly and honestly. Such trend cannot continue when the government has been implementing various development projects including many mega ones. In this regard, the ministries concerned will have to keep close eyes on them. Besides, the planning commission will also have to be tough on the public agencies which revise their development projects repeatedly.

Apart from these, the project directors and all the officials and employees related to development projects will also have to further improve the standards and efficiency in the implementation stage to ensure optimum utilisation of the taxpayers’ money. We think if the ministers concerned and bureaucrats engaged in different projects could accomplish their tasks in a proper way through utilising their merits, then it would be possible to materialise the main goal of the government which is nation building.