Plight of the middle class

Food and financial assistance must reach all in need

While many social and non-government organisations are distributing essentials to the needy, people belonging to the middle class claim they are among the worst sufferers as they are not in a position to accept donations publicly. Because of their social status they cannot go and beg for alms or food. As a result, they suffer in silence during lockdown.

Reportedly, the number of middle class in Bangladesh is about 4 crores. However, a significant portion of them is the lower middle class. They are dependent on small private jobs, small businesses and daily work. Due to the lockdown of the country their income source is now closed. They worry about food and house rent. 

Also a list of the needy people including the middle-

class  should be drawn, and the distribution should 

be managed under military supervision 

We are told that there is enough food in the country. At present, the quantity of food reserve in the country is about 18 lakh tons, which is one and a half million tons more than the reserve of last year. In such a situation, if food can be reached through proper distribution, there will be no food crisis. Authorities concerned should take necessary steps to distribute food considering the plight of middle class. In this regard, selling of rice at taka 10 per kg should be introduced area-wise extensively.

Also a list of the needy people including the middle-class should be drawn, and the distribution should be managed by the ward commissioners under the supervision of the military.