Plan to restore illegally occupied city canals

Take appropriate legal actions against the grabbers

Published : 26 Jan 2022 09:52 PM

The rapid urbanization in the capital is gradually filling the water bodies for a long time. The growing trend of landfilling and occupation of canals is putting Dhaka under massive threat.

The government will now rescue all the illegally occupied canals in the capital. If the rescued canals are repaired, it will be possible to alleviate water logging in the capital. Those who have illegally occupied government land have invested crores in building illegal installations. They will very naturally be harmed now. This will send a message everywhere that there is no chance of gaining anything with illegal infrastructure.

Government and its relevant agencies

must now take a strong stand to save 

the water reservoirs in the capital

One should not think that only the canals will be rescued. No illegal occupiers should be spared. The government should do everything for the welfare of the people.

Water transport will be introduced through all the canals of the capital connecting one with another. To this end, the project is being taken up by holding several meetings with foreign investment companies. Work will start very soon. We have to bring back the heritage of Dhaka city.

Government and its relevant agencies must now take a strong position to save the water reservoirs in the capital. Proper and strict measures are a must in restoring the water bodies and wetlands and also to save them from occupancy. Protection of water bodies like rivers and canals, wetland, retention areas, and flood flow zones are all significant in the development and urban sustainability and that will maintain an ecological balance.