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Pilot loses badly in BCB election

Published : 07 Oct 2021 08:17 PM | Updated : 09 Oct 2021 07:57 PM

Former Bangladesh cricket team captain Khaled Mashud Pilot tasted a bitter experience in the ‘Board of Directors’ election of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) as he lost badly to his rivals Saiful Alam Swapon Chowdhury.

Both of them battled for one director post of the Rajshahi Division which was under Categroy-1 that involved districts and divisions. Out of the nine votes of this division, Swapon Chowdhury obtained seven votes while Pilot got just two.

This was however the hat-trick victory of Swapon Chowdhury in BCB election, having won previously in 2013 and 2017. Pilot was councilor from Rajshahi Division while Swapon Chowdhury came from Pabna district.

Swapon has been working as the joint secretary of Pabna district sports body for a long time. He is also associated with various social and cultural organizations including Dhruv-Rudra Cricket Club, Pabna Rifle Club, former President of Rotary Club, life Member of Uttaran Sahitya Asar. Despite the bitter experience in his first BCB election, Pilot said he would continue to work for the development of cricket from outside the board.

“I hope Rajshahi and Bangladesh cricket will get a very good service through him (Swapon). I came up with my dream. Councilors may have trusted him more, so they voted for him,” Pilot said after his defeat. “I will try to stay with cricket. I’ve been there before, maybe I thought I’d work on a larger scale. That may not have happened but I am always with cricket. I always wish good luck to those who are keen to take Bangladesh cricket further. My dream was that I would come. I will do something good. As I played, I had a dream to take the cricket further. I hope for the best in the next time.”

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