Phensedyl, Hilsa recovered from smugglers

Members of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB)-20 conducted an anti-smuggling operation near Koya Border at Panchbibi Upazila of Joypurhat on Saturday (January 16) and recovered a large quantity of Phensidyls and Hilsha fish during smuggling to India.

The rescued Phensidyl was deposited in the battalion’s warehouse for destruction and the Hilsha fish was distributed among the orphans at several orphanages adjacent to Bangladesh-Indian border, BGB sources said. 

Subeder Alamgir Hossain, commander of Koya Camp said smugglers fled after being 

chased by BGB members and leaving 440 bottles of Phensidyl while entering illegally through Bhuidoba border on Saturday morning.  

On the other hand, BGB members raided Koya border area in Panchbibi upazila while smugglers were smuggling hilsha fish from Bangladesh into India and recovered 75 Kg hilsha fish. Smugglers managed to flee after being chased by BGB members.

It was learnt that at the direction of Director General (DG) of BGB, the hilsha fish were distributed among the representatives of local orphanages and madrashas.