People suffer for price hike of commodities in Barishal

Published : 18 Aug 2022 09:05 PM

In Barishal, the prices of all daily commodities are increasing. Low and middle income people are in trouble. Buyers have expressed their anger in the market even though they bought these products at higher prices due to necessity.

They say the cost of living has increased at an abnormal rate. Even if the price of all products increased, their income did not increase. Many people are tempted to buy products at higher prices, and many people are getting into debt. They also say that if they cannot control the prices of daily commodities, they will be in danger very soon. Then there will be no way to move.

It was found that green chillies were sold at Tk 280-300 per kg in the fish market of the city. The price of green chillies has more than doubled per kg in a week. The price of broiler chicken has increased from Tk 145 to Tk 195-200 in a week. The price of eggs has increased by 15 taka and is being sold at 55 taka. Yardlong Bean is being sold in the retail market at Tk 70-80 per kg, brinjal at Tk 50, tomato at Tk 120, cucumber at Tk 70, pumpkin at Tk 50 each and green beans at Tk 50 per kg. 

The price of rice has increased by Tk 300-350 per sack (50 kg) in the wholesale market. Retail increased by 5-8 Tk per kg.

The prices of all goods have gone up beyond the affordability of the common man. The daily market list has to be cut down to balance the expenses with the income. When talking to several buyers about the price of the product, they said that it is not possible to bear such an additional cost. It needs to have a control. Otherwise, our situation will turn very bad.

A private employee named Shafiqul Islam said that no matter how much the price of daily commodities increases, they must be purchased as needed. Lower-middle class people like us have to tap into savings to meet the increased expenses. But how long? It won't take long to run out of savings. Then we will be in danger.

Najim Uddin, a rickshaw driver, said, "No one cares about us." All I get all day is to buy rice, dal and a little vegetable. 

There is no money to buy fish and meat for boys and girls. Although I used to be able to buy broiler chickens now and then it will not be possible anymore. 

Traders are also unhappy with the price hike. They say, we are constantly doing business with uncertainty. All products are priced extra. So I can't buy extra goods. Ordering little by little. 

Otherwise, if the price suddenly falls, then there will be a loss. Moreover, due to the increase in prices, there are frequent arguments with the buyers. Sales are also slightly down