People suffer as key bridge collapsed 6 years back

Published : 29 Sep 2023 07:53 PM

Thousands of local people suffer as a key bridge and its connecting road on both sides at Alok Jhari Union of Dinajpur collapsed in 2017. 

As the bridge remain useless for years, the people of Khokshabari Union lost by road connectivity with the Dinajpur Sadar Upazila.

Thousands of local residents of the union have been commuting by constructing a makeshift bamboo poles next to the broken bridge. Every day 15 to 20 thousand people crossed the makeshift bamboo bridge by van, easybike, motorcycle. Accidents often occurred while taking risks like this.

About a year and a half ago, a person died in the hospital due to serious injuries while crossing with a motorcycle after falling from a bamboo pole. The 160 feet long bridge over the river --The only hope of communication of the people of Lat Nilphamari Sadar and Khansama upazila is the movement of school-college-madrasa students who have to suffer a lot.

After the bridge was destroyed by flood six years ago, the locals raised a subscription and built this bamboo bridge. 

The authorities did not take any initiative even though there was a case of death by falling into the water from this makeshift bamboo bridge. 

A local resident Anwar said, ‘Due to the collapse of the bridge, we faced many difficulties. Here the accident happened. Many were injured. We need this bridge very much. I appeal to the government to make the bill as soon as possible.’

Local Mofiz Ali said, ‘People and cattle often fall from this trap. Many times you have to be afraid while moving at night. Repairing the bridge is very necessary for the people of the village.’

Several people in the area said regretfully that it is difficult to travel due to the lack of a bridge. But thousands of people travel through this road. They demanded to repair the bridge or build a new bridge.

A local teacher said in this regard, ‘Our school has fewer students during monsoons. They walk 2 km to get to school. It is suffering. I am requesting the concerned officials to reconstruct the bridge.’

Khalilur Rahman, Chairman of Alokjhari Union Parishad, said as the bridge destroyed in the 2017 floods, public sufferings increased. Every year this makeshift bamboo bridge is being repaired with people’s money and labour. He hoped that the bridge will be reconstructed very soon.