People in trouble as cold wave hits northern region

Published : 28 Jan 2022 08:56 PM

Public life in the northern region has been disrupted by severe cold and foggy rains. Moderate cold wave is blowing over this region. The meteorological department said that this situation has arisen as the minimum and maximum humidity of the air is approaching. They said the situation would continue for at least another three days, with fears of further drop in temperature. Rangpur recorded a low of 6.2 degrees Celsius and Kurigram a low of 7.1 degrees Celsius on Friday morning. The meteorological office said that this is the lowest temperature in the last five years in the northern region including Rangpur.

This proverb of Rangpur region, 'Tiger cries in the cold of winter' seems to have come true. In the middle of the winter season, the common people have fallen into extreme misery due to this onslaught of winter. Nature has been shrouded in thick fog for the last few days. Locals in the area are feeling cold day and night as the face of the sun cannot be seen. No one is going out of the house except in extreme emergency due to winter. Due to the increase in the severity of the winter, the people who are working hard are having to suffer immensely. People from poor families are trying to restore warmth by burning straw to protect themselves from the cold. Outbreaks of cold-related diseases have been reported in different parts of the country.

Due to the severe winter, the number of people gathering in Rangpur city decreases from morning. Traffic has decreased in the region drastically. In the snow-capped air of the Himalayas, winter seems to catch the people and animals on all sides. The fog is falling like rain. Due to the fog falling like rain, the movement of vehicles on the road is being severely disrupted. Road accidents are increasing, deaths are also happening.

In other years, the intensity of winter in the region has increased since the beginning of December, but this year the winter has come down from the last week of December. 

The mild cold spell started in the first week of the new year in January and is now in a moderate state. Especially in the last two days, the people of this region have become exhausted due to the heavy fog and haze. In this way, the low-income people have fallen into extreme misery.

Meteorological Office official Mostafizur Rahman said the temperature in Rangpur has been fluctuating between 8 and 11 degrees Celsius for the last few days. Due to the close humidity of the air, the atmosphere cannot be heated and the sun cannot reach it. As a result, the winter has set in again. The cold wave may last another two to three days.