People have started to return

Capital will take old form soon

As officials of government, semi-government, banks and financial institutions, and many private offices have been enjoying an unofficial nine-day holiday, main thoroughfares in Dhaka have still remained free from traffic-congestion. Most of the city dwellers are still spending Eid holidays in their ancestral homes giving the capital the opportunity to breathe freely for one more day as the vacation will end on Saturday. 

Every year the residents of Dhaka get the chance to please their appetite for enjoying the capital’s less polluted air and traffic free roads during the two Eids, especially during the Eid-ul-Adha. During the Eid holidays thin traffic on the streets give the city a break from its trademark traffic jam, air pollution, loud horns, black smoke, dust, busy pedestrians, and long queues for public transportation. We have gone around the bend due to the horrendous traffic gridlock coupled with sound and dust pollution in regular time. But the Eid holidays gave us respite from the sufferings.

The onus lies on our administration to 

deliver a plan that would seek to decentralize 

our nation to make all parts of it worth living

Dhaka being faka (empty) during Eid holidays is not something to be proud of for any one of us. Empty Dhaka during Eid holidays exposes how inefficient and unplanned we are, with concentration of all major infrastructure including industry, school, college, university, hospital and so on. The capital is reeling under the pressure of huge populace due to centralisation of all major development schemes. Had we maintained the gradual expansion of Dhaka in a planned way, we would not see Dhaka in the list of the most unlivable cities of the world. 

Due to enormous rate of migration to the capital, it is becoming totally unfit for living while many suburban cities and towns are being deprived of planned urbanistion. The empty roads point out how desperately we need proper infrastructure and facilities throughout the country, so that we can curb migration towards Dhaka. Otherwise, we will simply continue to overburden the capital city. The onus now lies on our administration to deliver a plan that would seek to decentralize our nation to make all parts of it worth living.