People are god in elections: Modi

Fresh from a landslide victory in the parliamentary polls, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today that “people are God in elections."Terming the recent election to 542 Lok Sabha seats as a "festival of democracy," he said “political parties and political pundits could not gauge people's mood. So did those involved in conducting (poll) surveys. But people gave a strong mandate for the BJP." The country has seen that "people are God" in elections, Modi said addressing a rally in the temple town of Guruvayur in Kerala, his first public meeting since assuming power as PM for a second successive term, reports our New Delhi correspondent. Modi said the recent polls proved that people rejected "negativity" and accepted positivity. On making Kerala his first stop since become PM, Modi said some would have even wondered why he chose the southern state despite BJP failing to get a single parliamentary seat in recent elections. But an elected leader was common to all, he added. "Elections have their place in democracy and it is the responsibility of the winner to take care of 130 crore people. Those who made us win or those who did not, both are our (people). Kerala is as dear to me as Varanasi is," Modi said. BJP was not working for mere electoral politics and was keen on building the country and ensuring India gets its place of pride in the international arena, the PM added.He said political parties and pundits failed to gauge the public mood ahead of the parliamentary election and thanked the electorate for reposing confidence in the saffron party.