PBI rescues 2 abducted minors in Mymensingh

Published : 19 Aug 2022 09:10 PM

The Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) in Mymensingh has rescued two kidnapped teenage girls in separate operations. They were rescued from Sreepur in Gazipur on Wednesday night and Haluaghat in Mymensingh on Thursday morning. When they were sent to the court on Thursday, they gave a statement under section 22. The rescued are Marzia Akhtar (14) of Fulbaria and Runa Akhtar (16) of Haluaghat.

Police Superintendent of PBI Gautam Kumar Biswas said that Marzia Akhter, a schoolgirl of Bhatipara Balaswar area of Fulbaria, was abducted by Sanwar Hossain on her way to school on 22/5/2022 after failing to make a love proposal. Marzia's mother Selina Akhtar filed a case in Mymensingh District and Sessions Judge, Women and Child Torture Suppression Tribunal as plaintiff in this incident. The investigating officer of the case, SI Billal Miah, with the help of information technology, rescued Marzia Akhtar, the custody of Chanowar Hossain, at the residence of Md. Chan Miah, adjacent to the Dakshin Dhanua New Bazar Primary School of Sreepur Police Station, Gazipur on Wednesday night.

On the other hand, the abducted Runa Akhtar of Purb Pabiajuri was rescued from Haluaghat on Thursday morning. Superintendent of Police also said that local Md. Naeem used to tease Runa Akhtar on her way to and from school. After various strategies failed, Naeem became enraged and threatened Runa Akhtar with kidnapping and marriage. Later on 13/4/22, Naeem with the help of others took Runa Akhtar by force and kidnapped with a CNG. In the incident, his father Abdul Malek filed a case in Mymensingh District and Sessions Judge, Women and Child Abuse Prevention Tribunal as plaintiff. 

The investigating officer of the case, Police Inspector Delwar Hossain, under the direction and supervision of Superintendent of Police Gautam Kumar Biswas, recovered the Bho from Haluaghat area on Thursday with the help of information technology.