Patuakhali farmers benefit from combined harvester

Published : 05 Dec 2022 09:00 PM

Even last year, I paid 800 taka for Aman to cut paddy, but even then, I did not find anyone to cut the paddy. There is no problem this time. I can do rice cutting very easily with this modern rice cutting machine. This is how farmer Manoranjan Howladar of Amirabad village of Nilganj union of Kalapara upazila spoke abound combined harvester machine.

The use of modern agricultural machinery has increased among the backward coastal farmers. As a result, the livelihood of marginal farmers has changed. In the current Amon season, the farmers of the upazila are threshing paddy from the land at a large rate through combined harvesters. As a result, the lack of labor shortage is being alleviated to some extent. Lowering production costs. Interest is increasing in agriculture. But they have some complaints. The government has subsidized these combined harvesters to every union but those who have got these combined harvesters are not doing the work of harvesting paddy with less money to the farmers.

Going to the ground,it can be seen that the farmers of various unions including Nilganj Union, Latachapali Union of Kalapara Upazila are harvesting paddy with combined harvester. This machine is simultaneously threshing the paddy and extracting the straw. This machine fills the threshed paddy in sacks at the same time.

Talking to the farmers of the upazila,it is known that there is a severe shortage of workers during the Aman season. Paddy cannot be harvested and threshed on time. The use of modern agricultural machinery is increasing day by day. Paddy is being harvested and threshed together through the combined harvester. By doing this, the cost and time of the farmers is much less.

Shakhawat Sheikh, a farmer of Nilganj Union, said that through the combined harvester, we can do three jobs at the same time, such as harvesting paddy, harvesting hay and additional cost of money. 

We are reaping the benefits of it.

Another farmer Uttam Mandal said, we have some difficulties with combined harvesters. Threshed rice cannot be kept for long. It should not be cut in a slightly raw state or the paddy will fall into the bill. Workers are becoming unemployed again.

Latachapli Union Farmers of Phansipara. Badal said, there is no possibility of falling into labor crisis now. Only eight thousand taka was spent to cut paddy of 2.6 acres of land. If I had hired workers, I would have needed double money. It saves me both time and money.

  According to Kalapara Upazila Directorate of Agriculture, the government is working to develop the agriculture sector. A subsidy ranging from Rs.18 lakh to Rs.20 lakh has been given for each combined harvester. Fifteen combined harvesters have been distributed in Kalapara upazila. One combine harvester can harvest paddy from four to five hectares of land per day.

Agricultural Officer of Kalapara Upazila. RM Saifullah said that such agricultural machinery has been provided through government subsidy. So that the farmers of the coastal region get benefits. Not only combined harvesters but also various agricultural implements have been provided with subsidy.