Patients being deprived of treatment

General medical care in disorder amidst Covid-19 fear

The situation of the outbreak in Bangladesh has become quite severe. From the beginning of March when the virus was first detected in the country to now there has been a huge spike in the daily detection of infected persons. 

As a result, for long, the general health care system for the public has been in disarray. Even now, after the lockdown has more or less been lifted across the country to counter economic problems, there are still hospitals both private and public that are denying treatment if someone comes in with a bit of fever for fear of Covid-19.

In order to provide treatment of the infected it is as if the entire healthcare system has been turned upside down. Since the Covid-19 patients are the prime concern of the healthcare providers these days it has caused the focus to drift from those who suffer from other diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, liver disease, kidney disease and an array of various other diseases.

Already a number of hospitals in various districts have stopped providing general healthcare to patients. The scenario is still quite complicated in the capital. The prime reason behind this is that both doctors and nurses are contracting the coronavirus. 

Although, a makeshift way of treatment for the coronavirus 

infected patients is going on, it is quite disconcerting to 

hear that hospitals are denying treatment of general 

patients with symptoms of fever

Although, a makeshift way of treatment for the coronavirus infected patients is going on, it is quite disconcerting to hear that hospitals are denying treatment of general patients with symptoms of fever.

Many doctors, nurses and paramedics have quit their jobs for fear of coronavirus, some have retired, some are unable to work for fear of safety and other reasons. 

However, it is heartening that the number of PPE and other safety equipment for doctors and nurses is being regularly supplied. Hence the doctors can continue their treatments properly.

Although, some kind of medical activity is going on in the midst of limitations and mismanagement still it is evident that the general medical system of the country is not satisfactory. 

The government and the Ministry of Health must take immediate steps to maintain normal medical care, otherwise there will be medical crisis in the near future.