Passenger transport started in 100% seats in trains

After a long period of coronavirus outbreak, the train started running with 50 percent passengers. From today (September 16), 100 percent passenger transport has started in the train in compliance with the hygiene rules.

Train tickets have started selling in compliance with the hygiene rules. Half of the tickets are at the station, the other half are online.

Earlier, after the limited launch of trains from May 31, the railway authorities were selling all intercity train tickets online and through mobile apps.

Later, from September 5, all the tickets for local, mail and commuter trains started selling at the station. And since September 12, half of the intercity train tickets have started selling from the station counter.

From today, a total of 218 trains will run and the remaining 144 mail and local trains will start running slowly, railway authorities said. In all, 362 passenger trains run across the country.