Panic grips city people

BNP should do politics for the welfare of people

Published : 09 Dec 2022 07:15 PM | Updated : 09 Dec 2022 07:18 PM

Law enforcers have taken adequate measures to maintain the law and order situation in and around Dhaka centering the BNP’s rally and check-posts have been set up at all the entry and exit points of the city. Cops are also on high alert so that no one can create any anarchy centering the rally and three-tier security measures have been taken to ensure law and order.

Detectives are also patrolling the city and its adjacent districts alongside police. Therefore, overall law and order situation in the city remains under control till Friday.  But residents of the entire city and its suburbs are passing their days amid great panic and many of them dare to step out of their houses. 

The BNP’s violent activities during its rule or in opposition between 2001 and 2015 created panic among the people. The party carried out grenade and bombs attacks on Awami League’s rally when they were in power killing 24 Awami leaders and activists on August 24, 2004. 

The government did not obstruct 

BNP activists to hold rally and they 

have already held nine rallies 

across the country successfully

The party also killed a dozen of people by attacking on a rally of Sheikh Helal Even, police physically assaulted AL veteran politician Mohammad Nasim and Matia Chowdhury. As a result the party lost peoples’ confidence.

On the other hand, country's peace loving people and pro-liberation forces want to get rid of the curse of frequent terror acts patronised by what they say ‘BNP-Jamaat clique’. Therefore, BNP’s movement or rally always causes panic among the people. 

We believe our country is now a safe haven for all people irrespective of caste, creed, and religious affinity. But, since ‘75, the anti-liberation clique, war criminals, defeated forces and the August 15 killers continued trying to make Bangladesh unstable and exploit the people of the country with communalism humiliated the Liberation War. They are still conspiring against Bangladesh in many ways.

The government did not obstruct BNP to hold rally peacefully and they have already held nine rallies across the country successfully. It provided all out cooperation to hold rallies smoothly. But the BNP wants to hold rally in Naya Paltan with the intention of creating anarchies. However, we still hope that the BNP will do politics in the country in a democratic and peaceful manner.