Pandemic boon for digital banking

Take steps to strengthen bank’s IT infrastructure

Internet banking is increasingly becoming popular especially after the outbreak of coronavirus as it enables clients to complete financial transactions sitting at home safely without facing any risk of corona infections.  

According to the latest data of Bangladesh Bank (BB), the amount of online banking transactions in terms of volume exceeded Tk 8,000 crore in February this year for the fourth consecutive month. This stat shows how significantly internet banking is becoming popular in our country. With the rise in digital banking, the number of ATMs, POSs, CDMs, and CRMs has also been increased across the country over the last couple of years.

Enough emphasis should be 

given to strengthen bank’s

IT infrastructure 

All these are contributing towards a more digitalised financial environment, which will propel us towards a sustainable banking structure. Now banks should make sure that they put more focus on technology-based service to the customers so that the transactions can be done smoothly. To continually serve customers in the digital platform, not only in the current covid world but also in the post covid world, banks should star taking preparations to transform their manual banking services into digital ones. The service in ATM booths should also be made smooth as the use of ATM’s increased significantly amid the pandemic.  

Enough emphasis should be given to strengthen bank’s IT infrastructure as it is pivotal in moving towards digital banking. The sooner banks take viable actions to increase information security and protect client confidentiality, the better for the future of digital banking in our country.