Pabna people demand bridge over Gumani River in Nimaichara

Published : 24 Mar 2023 07:53 PM

Gumani River flows through Chatmohar, Bhangura and Faridpur upazilas of Pabna and joins the Jamuna River in the south. For the convenience of crossing the river, two bridges have been constructed in Chaikola and Bowsha areas of Chatmohar, but since no bridge has been constructed over the river in Nimaichra Union area of Chatmohar, people on both sides of the river have to cross first by boat and then by bamboo poles.

It has been found that on the north bank of the river, there are several educational institutions including Nimaichra Union Parishad, Land Office, Mirzapur Degree College, Madrasa, High School, Bank. A few villages of Mirzapurs and Mirzapur Hat are also located on the north bank of the river. On the other side, Ashtamanisha Union Parishad, Union Bhumi Office, Hasina Momin Girls High School, Ashtamanisha Bimukhi High School, Large Bazaar, Post Office and some other public and private institutions are located on the south bank. Due to various needs, the people of the south bank have to go to the north bank and the people of the north bank to the south bank. Students of the area have to travel across the river to go to school and college. As there is no bridge in the river, they have to cross by boat. However, due to the erosion of the river, boats are not able to reach the south bank of the river at present. So the people of this area have to cross the main river by boat and walk again to the river bank through the bamboo fence. Zillur Rahman of Mirzapur village said that we often have to cross this river for various purposes including traveling to the upazila headquarters. Due to the lack of bridges, people are constantly suffering. A bridge was started many years ago downstream of Mirzapur boat terminal, but after little work, the construction work was stopped for unknown reasons. We cannot take children, old people, sick patients to the hospital. Construction of a bridge between Ashtamanisha and Mirzpur is urgent.

Abul Kalam Azad of Ashtamanisha said that we have to go to the north bank of the river for various reasons. We are suffering because there is no bridge on Gumani River between Ashtamanisha and Mirzpur. There is a need to construct a bridge very quickly at this place to reduce public suffering.

Nimaichra Union Parishad Chairman Noorjahan Begum released that Mirzapur is a big business center. Many important buildings including Nimaichra Union Parishad are located in Mirzapur. Besides, on the other side of the river, Ashtamanisha is also a union headquarters. Many people from the surrounding areas including these two unions have to cross this river. A bridge is essential at this popular location. In this regard, Chatmohar Upazila Engineer Sultan Mahmud said that proposals for five more bridges, including Mirzapur-Ashtamanisha Bridge, have been sent to the higher authorities. It will be possible to implement the project if it is included in DPP.