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Oxford Professor visits Walton’s Computer plant

Published : 26 Jun 2022 07:30 PM | Updated : 20 Jul 2022 08:02 PM

Professor of the world-renowned Oxford University Dr. Stefen Darcon and Distinguished Fellow of Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD) Professor Mustafizur Rahman visited the country’s technology giant Walton’s PCB and computer manufacturing plants. Along with them, a delegation from the Youth Policy Forum was also present during the visit.

Recently, the distinguished guests visited Walton Headquarters at Chandra in Gazipur. During the visit, the delegations got experience about the Group’s sisters concerns and also they learned about its initiatives to move forward tackling global challenges.

At Walton Headquarter, the delegations visited several world-class state-of-the art manufacturing plants, including Computer, PCB, Refrigerator and Air Conditioner.

Then, the guests took part in a view-exchange meeting. At that time, Oxford University's Professor Dr. Stefen Darcon expressed his satisfaction knowing about Walton's rapid progress. He also hoped that Walton will go further globally in near future.

During their visit, Walton Digi-Tech Industries Limited's Chief Business Officer Md. Touhidur Rahman Rad, Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC's Executive Director Azizul Hakim, Walton Digi-Tech's Executive Director Zeenat Ara Rahman and Youth Policy Forum's Co-Founder Abir Hasan Niloy, among others, were also present

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