Over 50 illegal buildings demolished in Noakhali

Published : 16 Jan 2023 08:36 PM | Updated : 16 Jan 2023 08:37 PM

Directorate of Public Works has started an operation to evict the illegal constructions constructed on government land in Noakhali district town Maijdi. The campaign lasted from noon to afternoon on Monday. At this time, more than half a hundred shops and establishments on both sides of Maijdi Road were demolished.

According to the district office of the Public Works Department, hundreds of people occupied government property and built shops on both sides of the main road in the area of at least half a kilometer from the Sonali Bank area of the district town to Bakshi Mijir Pool. Some have built multi-storied buildings with a single floor settlement, some have occupied the front part of the settlement up to 60-70 feet behind. Others have built huts with bamboo and wood without any settlement. Despite giving notice to the occupants in this regard, they did not move the establishment. Miking was also done last Saturday. At one point, the Public Works Department was forced to call a raid and during the raid, illegal buildings got demolished.

Public Works Department Executive Engineer Saad Mohammad Andalib, Deputy Commissioner Executive Magistrate Debbrat Das along with Public Works Department, District Administration and Police Administration officials were present in the operation. Executive Engineer Saad Mohammad Andalib said the rescue operation against those who have illegally occupied government property will continue.