Impact of Cyclone Sitrang on Cox’s Bazar

Over 200 villages flooded, thousands of people affected

Published : 25 Oct 2022 08:49 PM

The coastal area of Cox's Bazar has been flooded to a height of 6 to 7 feet under the influence of Cyclone Sitrang. More than two hundred villages of 41 unions and 3 municipalities of the district have been inundated by tidal water. 191 houses were completely destroyed. 1732 houses were partially damaged. 921 hectares of crops were damaged. 829 fish cages have sunk. 1 lakh 10 thousand people have been affected by it. 30 km embankment damaged in coastal areas. 7 km road of Roads and Highways Department has been broken. Marine Drive on the beach has broken down at various places. 15 trawlers broke up and sank, including 13 anchored off St. Martin's Island. Shipping is closed to St. Martin. However, Cox's Bazar airport has been opened after being closed for 21 hours.

Deputy Commissioner of Cox's Bazar Mamunur Rashid said that tidal water has entered Kutubdia, Maheshkhali, Ramu, Pekua, Chakria, Teknaf Saint Martin, Kutubdia neighborhood of Cox's Bazar city. 191 huts of 41 unions and 3 municipalities of the district were completely destroyed. 1732 houses partially damaged. 7 km road of the road department has been broken. 15 fishing trawlers sunk near the coast. 30 km embankment of Qutubdia, Maheshkhali and Teknaf has been damaged. Cultivation, paddy fields, rice paddies and fish cages have been submerged. 1 lakh 10 thousand people of the district have been affected. Breaks have been created at Labani Point, Diabetes Point, Himachari, Inani, Teknaf Point of the beach. Shipping is closed to St. Martin. People staying in shelters are going back to their homes.

District Agriculture Extension Directorate Deputy Director Md. Kabir Hossain said that 921 hectares of crops have been damaged in Cox's Bazar district due to the impact of Cyclone Sitrang. Among the affected crops, 798 hectares of seedlings, 84 hectares of vegetables and 39 hectares of betel nut are covered. 829 fish cages have sunk.

Golam Mortaza Hossain, manager of Cox's Bazar Airport, said that after being closed for 21 hours due to Cyclone Sitrang, Cox's Bazar Airport was opened for flight at 12 noon on Tuesday.

St. Martin Union Chairman Mojibur Rahman said that 13 trawlers anchored at St. Martin Island broke and sank due to wind and tidal waves caused by Cyclone Sitrang. The fishermen of these fishing trawlers have moved safely.

Abdul Hamid Miah, chief meteorologist of Cox's Bazar Meteorological Office, said that Cyclone Sitrang has turned into a land depression after losing strength due to rain on the coast. As a result, all the sea ports including Cox's Bazar have been asked to lower the danger signal and display the local warning signal number 3. Cox's Bazar and its outlying islands, the lower reaches of Chars, may be inundated by wind-driven tides 3 to 5 feet above normal tides. An excess of air pressure differences prevails over the northern Bay of Bengal. All fishing boats and trawlers operating in the deep sea have been asked to remain in safe harbor until further notice.