One awarded death sentence in trader Aziz murder case

Sheikh Hafizur Rahman, Judge of Special Judge's Tribunal-9 on Monday awarded accused Joynal Abedin to death sentence in Glass and Ceramics Trader Abdul Aziz Chaklader alias Dhakaiya Aziz  of Lalbagh abduction and murder case, The court also awarded life for another accused of the case Rustom Ali. 

In addition to death sentence, the court has fined Joynal Abedin and Rustom of Taka 50,000 each, for non-payment of the fine Rustom will have to serve six-month of more imprisonment. In another section of the case, the court awarded both five more-year of imprisonment. However, both the accused in the case are absconding. 

Two accused in the case, son-in-law Faruk and son-in-law Idis were released because allegations brought against them could not the proved authentic. 

According to sources, on March 5,1998 morning Aziz Chaklder alias Dhakaiya Aziz was missing when he went out of his Lalbagh road house on the way of Khulna.  Getting no trace of Aziz, his younger brother Bacchu Mia filed a case with Lalbagh police station. Later, 12-day after the missing, Bacchu Mia filed an abduction case accusing Maksud and Amanullah on March-17. 

The particulars of the case said, Abdul Aziz Chaklader used to deal in broken glass with Maksud and Amanullah. At a stage of continuing the business, Maksud and Amanullah locked into an altercation with Aziz over Taka 25,000 dues. Being enraged, Maksud and Amanullah abducted Aziz. Later on, during the investigation of the case, cranium(skull)of head and bones from Aziz's body were recovered from inside Rupsha river in Khulna.

The then SI Abdur rakib Khan of Lalbagh police station submitted charge sheet of the case accusing seven persons on April-4, 2000. The accused of the case were top terrorist Ershad Shikder, Laskar Mohammad Liakat, Nure Alam, Idris Jamai, Joynal, Jamai Faruk and Rustom Ali. 

Among the seven accused, death penalty of Terrorist Ershad Shikder was executed on May-10,2004 in another case while anoher accused Laskat Md. Liakat died during the continuation of trial of the case.