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Ogrogami panel meets State Minister for ICT

Published : 15 Jun 2022 08:41 PM | Updated : 16 Jun 2022 02:38 PM

The Ogrogami Panel of the e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh’s (e-CAB) executive committee for the 2022-24 elections recently had a meeting with State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak.

In the meeting, the State Minister said that the ICT sector is looking forward to working together with e-CAB in the future to connect more SMEs and women entrepreneurs to the e-commerce ecosystem, and facilitate their growth through the array of benefits the sector offers.

The State Minister for ICT also mentioned about allocating co-working spaces for the e-commerce startups.

He said, “e-CAB has been operating fruitfully for the past four years with a number of successful initiatives, including keeping businesses running amidst lockdown restrictions, operating Digital Haat, different humanitarian efforts, selling TCB products online, organizing online Mango fair, etc.

 The ICT division has facilitated e-CAB for various activities till now, and will continue to do the same going ahead”.

For generating SOP, implementing DBID and also creating Central Complain Management System, the ICT division has been providing technical assistance to e-CAB. Besides, the ICT division will also be allocating co-working spaces for e-CAB members and startups in the future.

Earlier, the Ogrogami Panel announced its manifesto for the e-CAB elections at an event held on June 02, 2022, in the presence of journalists. The manifesto has seven core priority areas including providing assistance to expand the e-commerce industry, developing startup ecosystem and promising to ensure 50 percent women inclusion within e-CAB. Moreover, the manifesto emphasizes on increasing the scope of professional development and institutional support for the members, as well as expanding e-commerce by popularizing cross-border policies and digital payments. The executive committee of the Ogrogami Panel is committed to undertaking various activities to provide priority services and skill development opportunities to the e-CAB members. It has also announced the establishment of a startup academy and incubation center to carry the young entrepreneurs forward in the e-commerce sector.

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