OC amasses huge wealth illegally

ACC must keep on chasing corrupt people

Published : 13 Aug 2022 08:42 PM | Updated : 13 Aug 2022 08:42 PM

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), the anti-graft watchdog of the country, assigned to curb corruption from Bangladesh, must gear up its activities and strengthen capacity to deal with graft suspects. The fight against corruption cannot be carried out by the government alone.

Since ACC’s inception on 9 May in 2004, the institution has been trying to combat corruption and promote good practices as well till date. But the anti-graft watchdog has failed to achieve its cherished goal of making Bangladesh a graft free country as a large number of government officials and staffs are still involved in various corruptions and irregular ties while a number of most-wanted corruption suspects still remain untouched or have fled overseas.

Ramna police station officer-in-charge Monirul Islam has illegally amassed huge amount of assets including an 8-storey building and plots and grabbed a freedom fighter's house. But his assets are much more than the assets already discovered. The High Court on Wednesday observed that corruption and irregularities must not be allowed to continue. It came up with this observation following a writ petition filed by a Supreme Court lawyer seeking an inquiry into the matter. The court also asked the petitioner if the ACC does not take any action for conducting an investigation against OC Monirul then the court will intervene.  

We all have to boycott the 

corrupt individuals socially

Corruption, irregularities and mismanagement exist everywhere in different forms. A section of officials and staffs are engaged in indulging corruption and irregularities, harassing and humiliating the service seekers in many ways every day. If any service seeker refuses to pay bribe for his or her file processing or other purposes in the government offices, he or she is harassed, humiliated, misbehaved and even beaten up by the organised brokers, cheat and corrupt officials in and outside of the offices.

Many public representatives, government officials and staffs and political parties’ leaders who have amassed huge sums of wealth, laundered money at home and siphoned off money abroad, have not been brought to book yet.

However, ACC took action against some corrupts and it has imposed travel bans on those involved with the illegal business and other corrupt activities. The ACC must keep on chasing the corrupt people. The ACC will have to prepare a fresh and updated list of top graft suspects alongside corrupt individuals through its intelligence unit in order to launch probe against them for effectively fighting corruption in different sectors. Last but not least, we all have to boycott the corrupt individuals socially.