NSTU increases research budget, achieves success

Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) ranked 4th position among the country's science and technology universities and 14th position among all public universities by publishing more than 150 research papers in 2020.

The ranking is made by US based Scopus Indexed Journal 2020 based on the research articles of Bangladeshi researchers published in 2020. 

On 18 January, these information are known from the list published by the US-based Scopus Indexed Journal where in total 8 thousand 140 research articles from various universities and research institutes of Bangladesh published  and among these more than 150 research papers published from NSTU. Besides, the ranking of the institutions of the Bangladesh mentioned in the list.

NSTU Research Cell Director Prof Md Belal Hossain said, “We have taken special incentives to take NSTU forward in education and research. If an article is published in Q1, Q2 journal, the researcher will get 10 thousand taka and if the research article published in Q3, Q4 journal, the researcher will get seven thousand taka, if the research article is published in index scopus, the researcher will get five thousand taka.

In 2015, where the research budget for NSTU was Tk 13 lakh, now it has increased to Tk 1.5 crore. “I hope NSTU will go a long way in education and research,” he said. 

NSTU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Md. Didar Ul Alam said, “I would like to extend my best wishes and congratulations to all concerned including teachers, students, officials and employees of Noakhali Science and Technology University for securing the fourth position among 12 science and technology universities. During the corona pandemic,the researchers of the university are working to develop in education and research. I am hopeful that NSTU will do better in future. I would like to give special thanks to the NSTU Journalists Association for highlighting the achievements of the university.”