None enjoys fascinating scene

Blooming sunflowers bring beauty on NSTU campus

S Ahmed Fahim, NSTU Correspondent

Numerous sunflowers have grown on Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) campus.  The flowers have increased the beauty of the campus. As the campus is closed for COVID-19 spread, no one can enjoy these fascinating scenes. These  sunflowers have  grown  in the free space  of the central playground and in front of park cafeteria during the  March-April of the year. 

These sunflowers  increased the fertility of the soil and fill up  the demand of fuels. These sunflowers are cultivated every year under the direction of the Vice-Chancellor of this university and under the supervision of the Department of Agriculture. 

Every year, when the sunflowers grown, everybody becomes busy to spend happy moments  in the sunflower garden. The students, teachers and officials of this university, enjoy their leisure time and free time after classes,  in the sunflower garden with gossips, taking photographs, singing songs and writing poems. These flowers makes the minds of natural lovers  fresh and good. 

But this year's image is completely  different for Corona effect and the campus is closed for COVID 19 outbreaks. .No one is busy to enjoy the charming beauty of sunflowers , no one  is busy to take pictures. The students now reminds the previous happy moments in this time and hope that they will enjoy this fascinating scenes after Corona effect when the campus will open again.