Non-stop power supply soon

Prudent management of power distribution required

Published : 17 Jan 2021 08:03 PM | Updated : 18 Jan 2021 01:30 AM

There is no denying that over the last ten years country’s power generation capacity has increased by four-fold but still the problems of power outages, low-voltage and load-shedding persist in some areas due to limitations in power transmission and distribution systems. In order to resolve the problems the government is now focusing reinforcing electricity transmission and distribution system.

As reported by this daily on Sunday, the power division has been instructed by the Prime Minister's Office to set up fast transmission and distribution lines involving government companies as well as private entrepreneurs. Reportedly, in order to build a modern power transmission system, the government made some 70 percent of the power sector allocation for the distribution and transmission in 2020-21 fiscal with earmarking Tk 7,500 crore.

It is time to focus on improving the power

 distribution and transmission system instead of increasing 

generation capacity to ensure 

uninterrupted power supply

Over the last ten 12 years the incumbent government is developing the power sector in a planned way addressing it as one of the most essential sectors for sustainable development of the country. More and more regions which were previously isolated have been connected to the electricity grid.

The present scenario of power in the capital reflects the country’s massive progress in power generation. Before 2009, reportedly a total of 27 power plants were constructed in the country whereas 101 plants were constructed in last ten years. In 2009, the number of people having access to electricity was 47 percent, which now increased to 91 percent. Noticeably, cost of every unit of electricity is around Taka 6.25, but the government is making it available to people at Taka 4.82

We are now self-sufficient in power generation and our generation capacity surpasses our demand. Now incidents like load shedding occurs occasionally due to problems in transmission and distribution system. Therefore, focus should be given on improving the power distribution and transmission system instead of increasing    generation capacity to ensure uninterrupted power supply.