No slaughter house in Chuadanga

Published : 22 Jun 2022 08:59 PM

Butchers have been polluting environment due to slaughtering animals without following hygiene guideline in Chuadanga town since long.  

 According to sources, a slaughter house was established in 1994 on one acres of land near a goat farm area in the town with the initiative of Chuadanga Municipality. Ohidul Islam Biswas, chairman of the municipality inaugurated it. Two ten-shed, one office room, one latrine, one urinal and boundary wall were made there. Besides, one tube-well was installed for water on the compound. Electricity facility was available. Some butchers used it a few years after its establishing. But at present water plant is going to set up there instead of slaughter house.  

After investigating several markets in the area, it was seen that butchers have been slaughtering animals at market areas under open sky as environment is polluting for this. Butchers at Boro bazaar kitchen market in the district town have been dropping the wastages of animals after slaughtering on the bank of river Mathabhanga and adjacent market areas. At Notun bazaar in the town is seen same scenario. Butchers of Rail Bazaar in the town have been damping the wastages of the slaughtered animals near the market.  Sellers of meat said there is no slaughter house in the town. As they have been slaughtering animals near their shops. Due to dumping of animals wastages like cow dung, urine, blood and others things are prevails bad smells and polluting environment.  

Mukto Joarder, a meat buyer, said meat sellers are selling meat in unhygienic positions. 

Akbor Ali, president of consumer association said buyers have been carrying germs with purchasing meats to house in absent mind as they have been suffering stomach diseases. 

Sultan Ara, panel mayor-1 of Chuadanga municipality said the body of municipality will take step for solution the problems.  Hamidul Hoque Munsi, president of Mathabhanga Nodi Bachao Andolon, said butchers of the town have been throwing the wastage of animals to the river Mathabhanga directly. 

Dr. Hirok Chowdhury, president of BMA, many germs of diseases are alive at damp of animals’ wastages as different type of diseases may attack to the people.

Jahangir Alam Malik Khokon, Mayor of the municipality told this correspondent, we will set up a modern slaughter house in the district town in their tenure.