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No pre-test or test before HSC 2021 exams

Published : 26 Jun 2021 09:34 PM | Updated : 26 Jun 2021 11:56 PM

There will be no selection test for the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) examinees of 2021, said the Board of Secondary and Higher Education. 

Therefore, colleges will not be able to charge any fee for the test.

This information has been confirmed in the published notification regarding form fill-up, which is scheduled to start from June 29 and will continue till July 11 without any delay fee. 

Students will have to pay their fees to the board though online by July 12. Prior to this, irregular and improvement seeking candidates have to apply on a white paper to the principal of the concerned college before June 28.

The Dhaka Board of Education has fixed the fee for filling up the HSC form. It has been set Tk 2,500 for the students of ‘Science’ and Tk 1,940 for ‘Humanities’ and ‘Business Studies’.

However, if any of the candidates in the Humanities and Business Studies has a practical examination in the 4th subject, an additional fee of Tk 140 will be added to the fee. And if any student from Humanities and Business Studies has a practical exam in elective subject, Tk 140 more will be added per subject.

The Board of Education has stated that no additional fee can be charged. If any complaint is received in this regard, necessary legal action will be taken including closing the panel for filling the form.

The HSC exam last year was not conducted due to the surge in Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, HSC examinees that year were assessed on the average of JSC and SSC results. And the students admitted in class XI in 2019 could not attend any class in class XII. So a short syllabus has been prepared and published for them.

The Ministry of Education wants to conduct the HSC examination after 84 days of class once the situation gets better.