No residential building over 9-storey in Dhaka

Considering city population, soil capacity and other components, the authority concerned has decided not to allow construction of any building comprising more than seven floors. But based on conditions, the authority will permit additional floor construction.

As the government is identifying space problems, which are causing a threat to the city, the authority has moved to implement such decision inside Detailed Area Plan (DAP). DAP project director Ashraful Islam confirmed to the media that a new draft DAP is being prepared. As per the draft, the height of building has been fixed under DAP that includes Dhaka and Gazipur.

“In the draft, the authority will allow up to 8th-floor construction in different zones. However, subject to special conditions, two more floors can be increased. The authority will not allow any high rise building construction more than that,” Ashraful said.

Earlier, Rajdhani Unnayan Kathripakhya (RAJUK), at its Urban Resilience Project on Earthquake preparedness meeting, strictly warned that the government will take necessary action against the building owners if they do not follow the government instruction.

 provision has been made in the DAP draft plan for constructing of maximum of seven-storied in the most density zones inside both Dhaka North and South City Corporation. Besides, a maximum of five-storied buildings can be constructed at Gazupur, Narayanganj City Corporation, and Savar municipality.

However, if any building owner wishes to allot a floor for low earning people, RAJUK will allow himthem to construct one more floor. Moreover, if there is an additional school in the DAP area, as per the proposed criteria, RAJUK will allow a floor more than the prescribed storeys.

RAJUK information showed that after implementing Building Construction Code 2018, fragile situations of population density have been found, especially in Dhaka, Narayaganj, Savar, and Gazipur. As a result, to reduce the population pressure in the central area of the capital city, to assist in the balanced development of various areas and build the entire metropolitan area as a habitable and planned city, the new draft DAP Plan (2016-2035) is being formulated.

To this end, project director Ashraful said, “If anyone constructs building outside the specified height, it will be illegal. Based on population density and condition, additional two floors can be constructed,” he continued, “In developed countries, through reconstruction, cities are developed. The new plan will also help to manage the population density of Dhaka and its adjacent areas”.