No major food shortage in Bangladesh

Equip farmers with modern machineries

Published : 19 Aug 2022 08:51 PM

There is no major food shortage in Bangladesh, the World Bank says in its South Asia Food Security Update on Thursday. It is worth mentioning that the government has taken various measures to increase the production of food grains alongside vegetables across the country. Even if Bangladesh cannot procure food products from other countries due to instability in international market, the country would not face any food crisis. 

Our scientists also invented new varieties of rice (BR-89) which will increase rice production by 50-60 percent. But the fact is that the country’s farmers are now struggling to continue cultivating food grains and vegetables due to the price hike of diesel, seeds, fertilisers and other inputs. Farmers are highly dependent on diesel, seeds, fertilisers and other inputs to cultivate and grow crops and vegetables. The price hike of diesel, seeds, fertilisers and other inputs will increase their production costs.

The government should take 

necessary steps to equip farmers 

with modern machineries

However, the drought-like situation for lack of rain has already affected aman paddy cultivation seriously across the country. Country’s most farmers depend on rainwater for aman paddy cultivation during the monsoon. The shortage of rain might also hinder the target of aman cultivation in this season.

The government is committed to ensure food security for all. Therefore, it must devise ways and means on how to boost food production by extending all-out support to the farmers. All should keep in mind that developing the agriculture sector must always remain a priority.

The country has sufficient stock of all kinds of fertilisers against its demand. At present, the stock of urea fertiliser is 6.45 lakh tonnes, 3.94 lakh tonnes of TSP, 7.36 lakh tonnes of DAP and 2.73 lakh tonnes of MOP. The current stock of fertiliser is higher than that of the same period last year. The state-owned commercial banks also distributed of the farm loan of Taka 2830.61 core allocated for the farmers. 

The ministries of agriculture and food will have to put forth their level best efforts to make the agricultural activities commercialised and profitable to ensure food security of the country’s people. The authorities should pay more attention to our growers so that they would not be discouraged to cultivate food grains and vegetables amid price hike of diesel, seeds, fertilisers and other inputs. Last but not least, the government should take necessary steps to equip farmers with modern machineries.