No end to theft of govt medicine at CMC hospital

Published : 02 Apr 2022 01:10 AM

Chittagong Medical College (CMC) is not stopping the theft of government medicines for free supply to patients in government hospitals.  These drugs, which were provided free of cost to the patients at different times, are being smuggled out of the hospital.  In case of operation, after bringing the medicine as per the list given by the hospital, the relatives of the patient do not return the remaining medicine at the end of the operation.  Although the hospital staff knew about the government drug smuggling and where the remaining drugs were going after the operation, no one opened their mouths.  Ansar members in charge of the hospital recently arrested two employees while smuggling free medicines out of the orthopedic ward.  Since the matter was publicized in the media, the administration of CMC Hospital has become active in preventing the theft of drugs.

 Last Thursday, government medicine-saline stored in a bag in a corner of the pre-operative room adjacent to the Operation Theater (OT) of Gynae Ward of Chittagong Medical College (CMC) Hospital was seized.  However, it was not immediately clear who was involved in the incident.

 The relatives of several patients complained that the patients in the hospital often did not have any government medicine.  They do not know about the stock of drugs.  So they obeyed the way hospital authorities told them to buy medicine from outside pharmacy.  But the medicines supplied to the patients are being smuggled out all the time.  The same is true of operations.  Even if they supply the medicine according to the list given to them, the remaining medicine will not be returned at the end of the operation.  Those in charge sell it out. Concerned people say that the staff of the hospital is involved in this work.  Hospital director Brigadier General Md Shamim Ahsan told the media that those involved in the drug seizure would be found and punished.

 It may be mentioned that Ward Master Kamruzzaman was on a routine patrol at Chittagong Medical College (CMC) Hospital on Thursday afternoon with the Ansar Commander. During the patrol, they saw something covered in cloth in a corner of the pre-operative room near to the OT of Gynae Ward.  When they removed the clothes due to suspicion, they found some medicines and saline in a bag.  They brought all these free medicines-saline to the hospital director's office.  However, the hospital administration could not list the medicines in the bag.  Although some saline was found inside the bag.