New episode of ‘Sisimpur’

Halum, Ikri, Tuktuki, Shiku. Some characters that are very dear to the little ones. Royal Bengal Tiger Halum loves to eat fish. The girl with two braids on her head and bangles in her hand Tuktuki likes to read books. Little friend Ikri Mikri is very thoughtful. And, Shiku is a very rational and science-loving fox. Halum, Tuktuki, Ikri, Shiku and their funny friends all lives in ‘Sisimpur’.

'Sisimpur' is a fun arrangement of fun, laughter, songs and various games. The educational and entertaining program is being aired six days a week on Maasranga Television. 

The new episode of Sisimpur is being aired every Friday at 9 am. And the old episodes are being aired every day from Sunday to Thursday at 7 pm. The program highlights language and caste, environment, equality, nutritious food and healthy habits for children and parents, natural disasters, road safety, social norms and values, indigenous art, culture and traditions.