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New areas are being flooded

Published : 26 Jul 2020 09:40 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 09:09 PM

The overall flood situation in the country has deteriorated as the water levels of various rivers including Padma, Jamuna and Bangali have continued to rise and different new areas are being flooded.

As a result, the people of these areas are living in a dire condition. There is a crisis of food, pure drinking water and cattle food in the areas. Many houses, crops, fish and fish ponds have been washed away. The marooned people have been suffering immensely.

In the third phase, new rural areas are being flooded due to increase in water. Although the flood waters have started receding in some parts, but the crisis of food, pure drinking water and cattle food is intensifying.

Many unpaved roads have been submerged. People’s houses have been severely damaged due to the waterlogging and tide of the water.

In the second phase of the flood, the water level decreased a little in a week, but in the meantime, the third phase of the flood started. The water of the rivers has started flowing over the danger zone again. For months now, people have been suffering from the effects of intermittent floods.

On the other hand, several diseases have been seen among the cattle of the area. People of these area are in a dilemma with their cattle ahead of Eid due to the ongoing floods.

Due to the flood waters, all the high and low spices of vegetable gardens and hundreds acres of paddy have been submerged, local farmers said.

Meanwhile, relief materials are being distributed by the district administrations among the flood victims regularly. However, the victims said that the amount of relief goods are not sufficient for them.

Moreover, the water level of Padma and Jamuna has started rising again from Saturday at Aricha Point in Manikganj. Numerous houses and thousands of people have been inundated due to the continuous rise in the water level.

Apart from this, normal life of people has been disrupted due to sporadic rain in some areas. 

Although the administration has distributed dry food among the people in the flood-hit areas, the people in remote char areas are not getting relief aid, the victims said.

All the roads in the low-lying lands, including most of the unpaved roads, have been submerged in the flood water and several roads have been damaged by the strong current.

Arifuzzaman Bhuiyan, Executive Engineer of Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre (FFWC), said the water level in the Jamuna River increased by six cm at Sariakandi point in Bogura district flowing 117 cm above the danger mark while the river is flowing 94 cm and 83 cm above the danger level with 6 cm and 5 cm further rise at Kazipur and Sirajgonj points respectively on Sunday morning.

He also said the water level in the Gur River increased by seven cm at Shingra point in Natore district and the river water was flowing 90 cm above the danger-mark.

State Minister for Disaster Management and Relief Ministry Enamur Rahman on Saturday said the government has so far provided Tk 3.36 crore in cash as relief for the flood victims.

He also said 12,010 metric tonnes of rice and 1,21,000 dry food packets have also been provided as food aid and Tk 9 lakh in cash have been provided for the construction of houses in these areas.

Enamur Rahman came up with this information at a virtual press conference at his office in the Secretariat of the capital.