Naogaon farmers opting for agricultural mechanisation

Published : 01 Dec 2022 07:46 PM

Farmers in Naogaon district are turning towards modern agricultural mechanisation day by day to eliminate the labour crisis, cultivate the land quickly, cut and thresh the crops on the ground, and save time and cost. The government subsidises various types of agricultural machinery with modern technology, and the farmers benefit from using these machines. The government's plan to modernise domestic agriculture is looking successful.

It has come to light that every season of the year, various types of agricultural machinery, including seeder power trailers, harvester machines, garden trailers, and paddy threshing machines, are being provided as subsidies by the government. This move by the government to involve the country's farmers from old farming to modern technology agriculture has had a tremendous impact. Due to this agricultural mechanisation, the yield has increased many times along with cultivation in less time and less cost. Various district villages have been provided with threshing and threshing machines to solve the problem of the farmers who cannot afford agricultural machinery. 

Now, any farmers can rent these machines to fulfil their farming needs. Moreover, for small land cultivation, the garden trailer machine has received a great response from the farmers.

Hamidul Haque, a farmer of Rajapur village in Raninagar, said, "During the current Aman season, there was no need to look for labourers for paddy harvesting and threshing. I have cut and threshed paddy with a harvester machine at two thousand takas per bigha land, costing me less time and money. We farmers are benefited in many ways by getting these machines."

Abu Hossain, Deputy Director of the District Agriculture Extension Department, said, "Agricul­ture is our main driving force. Therefore, it is impossible to build a digital Bangladesh by keeping agriculture in the old way. Consequently, we are working hard to fully implement the current government's mission and vision of modernising agriculture at the field level. At present, the machines have received a great response from the farmers. 

There is no alternative to this agricultural mechanisation, getting a double yield of multiple crops on the same land without leaving land.