Nabinagar farmers lean toward Malta farming

Published : 01 Oct 2022 08:19 PM

The fame of Brahmanbaria's Nabinagar is across the country, but Bari Malta-1 is introducing Nabinagar beyond the borders of the country. Local farmers are self-sufficient by cultivating this Malta. As a result, many farmers are also dreaming of changing their fortunes. Malta is one of the juicy fruits rich in vitamin C. Its cultivation has become commercially popular, as it is economically profitable. Along with the enthusiasm among the farmers, the number of gardens is also increasing.

The demand and popularity of Bari Malta-1 variety of Malta is increasing day by day. This breed was released in 2013. Agriculture department is advising the farmers to expand Bari Malta-1 cultivation. The result is highly profitable due to low cost and less labor. According to data from the Department of Agriculture, Malta is one of the most popular citrus fruits. Malta accounts for two-thirds of the world's total citrus crop. Malta is native to Vietnam, North West India and South China. As Malta is more adaptable than orange, it can be easily cultivated. By planting 100 to 120 Malta seedlings per bigha of land, fruits can be harvested continuously for 20 years.

Fruits are usually obtained from the trees after two years of planting, 10 to 20 kg per tree in the first year and more than one quintal in the second year. Ripe fruits are attractive green in appearance and tasty to eat. The Malta tree flowers from mid-February to mid-April and fruits are harvested in October.

Nabinagar Upazila Agricultural Worker Jaglul Haider said - Malta is cultivated in about 150 hectares of land in the upazila. Malta is cultivated in almost all the unions including Barail, Jindpur, Ibrahimpur, Birgaon, Kaitla. The green colored Malta available in the market is locally produced native Malta variants. However, if one keeps Malta on the tree from mid-October to November, the native Malta will also turn yellow. If Malta can be cultivated successfully in 1 bigha land, one can easily earn 1-1.5 lakh rupees excluding expenses. Upazila Agriculture Office is training Malta farmers to increase the scope of Malta cultivation in the future.

On the surface, it can be seen that Malta is hanging in bunches on the trees of the 20 bigha Malta garden of Brahmanhata village of Kaitla union of the upazila. He said - although the first yield was small at the end of 2020, each Malta tree has got a lot of Malta, he said that it will be exported commercially next year. Along with Malta, papaya is also grown as a companion crop. He also said that yellow Malta is a foreign fruit, poisonous medicine is given in it. But green Malta is in high demand as it is tasty and native. In this way, if there is a yield in the garden, then in the future, the demand of the country can be met and exported outside the country.

Union Agriculture Deputy Assistant Officer Shamim Rahman said, Nabinagar soil is suitable for Malta cultivation. We have been helping farmers by advising them on various tools including mortar seedlings, spray machines. 

­Day by day farmers are becoming interested in cultivating Malta.