N’ganj residential areas submerged for road height

After torrential rainfall and flash flood, residential areas of Narayanganj city and the outskirts of the city are submerged into water due to rood’s height being higher than the earth level. 

Another reason behind the sudden submergence is the inadequate drainage system. Moreover, some of these drains in the rural areas are not connected with rivers or canals to clear the water.

Despite having more options the constructor or planer of the drains constructed them three or four feet higher than the earth level randomly and those became the boundary walls obstructing the clogged rain water from being removed.

Moving around different areas it was found that the locals are under water due to flash flood as there was no exit for the water and the roads encircling the areas have become embankment confining the water inside the residential areas.

An expert road communication engineer said to Bangladesh Post that the roads should be as high as the residential area. If the roads are constructed at earth level then the road can be used as a drain and after heavy downpour, he added.

When asked an engineer about why the rural roads were constructed higher than earth level, anonymously said, it’s a bad tactics of the contractor that by using more materials in building the two or three feet high roads they collected more bill from the government pilfering reality.

A communication system studious told the Bangladesh Post that only the highway should be constructed higher than earth level. 

Concerned citizens of Narayanganj are raising questions about for how long they will have to suffer the consequences of the random decision of building the roads higher, that has resulted in them being submerged into water after heavy rainfall.