Myanmar cows detained at Alikadam in Bandarban

Published : 24 May 2022 09:18 PM

57 BGB of Alikadam Battalion seized 40 cows from smugglers from Myanmar through Alikadam in Bandarban.

The cows were seized from the Poyamuhuri-Alikadam road on the Alikadam border at 2pm on Tuesday.

According to the BGB, cattle are being smuggled from Myanmar to Alikadam by truck.

The commander of Alikadam Battalion (56 BGB) quickly set up a checkpost 6 km south of Alikadam at 11pm on Tuesday after learning of the incident in secret. When the cattle smugglers came to know about the incident, they wanted to unload the cows from the truck and take them to the alternative road through the deep jungle.

Alikadam Battalion (57 BGB) Commander Lt. Colonel Iftekhar Hossain said the process of handing over the seized 40 cows to Bandarban Customs on Wednesday (May 24) was underway. He also said that the law enforcement agencies of Bandarban were always vigilant about the smuggling of goods across the border and the BGB would continue such operations in future.