Munshiganj: Ideal place for day travelers

Besides the immense natural beauty, Munshiganj has a number of archaeological structures. The district is an ideal place for tourists who like to explore archaeological patterns. If one starts early in morning, it is possible to cover 4-5 places very comfortably in a day.

Baba Adam's Mosque

Baba Adam's Mosque is a Jami Mosque situated in the village of Kazi Qasba under Rikabibazar Union in Rampal thana of the district. The grave of Saint Baba Adam Shahid is located nearby the mosque. The mosque is named after Saint Baba Adam Shahid, who died in a holy war against a local Hindu Raja.

The mosque’s all the entrances and mihrabs are recessed within rectangular frames. The south and north walls contain rectangular niches. The mosque does not have a minaret. On both sides of the central doorway, there are two multi-cusped rectangular panels. The arches are supported on faceted small pillars and decorated with a beautiful terracotta floral design and a hanging motif.

Kasba the second Panam City

Nagar Kasba is widely known as the second Panamnagar. Century–old houses in the streets of the city's Kasbah road is an ideal place for those who like to see the old houses.

Considering the location, distance of one building from another, communication system with the central or provincial capital, attachment of official titles etc., it is assumed that Kasba was an administrative unit and was equivalent to district.

In this complex of many buildings we can detect several names of businessman who built those in different periods of time in 19th Century.

Mir Kadim Pool

Mir Kadim Pool, it does not actually mir Kadim pool. Locally it is known as Polaghata Bridge or Panam Bridge or Panam Polaghata Bridge. A connection with the pool to Padma River is there, during rainy season, vessels operate through this way.

Pandit er vita

Pandit er vita, the Birthplace of Srigaan Atish Dipankar is a very commonly known place in Munshiganj. It’s located at Bojroyogini village.

Srigan Atish Dipankar was a great master for spreading the knowledge of Buddha religion among the general people. He was appointed as a principal of ‘Bikromshila School’ during the reign of great Pala King ‘Mohipal’.

Later, this great Saint of Buddhism migrated to Tibbot for practicing his meditation and expanded his religious knowledge.

Dighi of King Ballal Sen or Dighi of Rampal

Rampal Dighi is one of the most ancient Dighi (large pond) in the district. It is about 1500m long from north to south and 300m wide. Recently built Rampal College stands on its northern bank. Rampal Dighi covers an area of about 55 acres of land.

How to Reach Munshiganj 

There are a good number of transports are available from Dhaka. Buses services used to start from Gulistan of Dhaka. It takes one hour to two hours by bus journey to reach Munshiganj.

Beside bus, individuals can hire CNG auto rickshaw from the capital’s Postogola, and it will take you Tk 250-350 to reach at Muktarpur Bridge.

Though the district is just beside the capital city, still it is hard to find a suitable hotel there. May be people from Dhaka used to come this place for a single day trip. Anyway, if travelers need to stay at Munshiganj town, there are reasonable hotels at an affordable rate.