MP Jaglul ploughs land to encourage farmers

SM Jaglul Haider, MP from Satkhira-4 constituency, has once again drawn attention to plow land with a tractor in order to inspire farmers to continue food grain production during the global pandemic. He plowed the land with a tractor on a local bill on Monday (July 13). 

MP SM Jaglul Haider said the whole world was stunned by the coronavirus. Bangladesh was not spared from the influence of corona. Our Prime Minister is encouraging the farmers so that there is no food shortage in the country.  

Encouraging farmers, he instructed that not even an inch of land of the country should remain uncultivated. Farmers need to be inspired to fill the country with wealth and grains. So to encourage, he has cultivated the land by driving a tractor. 

Even before that, he plowed, cut the paddy of the peasants, carried relief sacks home of the poor and needy, took part in the work of building coastal embankments with the workers,  ate panta rice with the workers, fed coconut water to the rickshaw pullers and watermelons to the pedestrians. Playing with orphans has repeatedly made headlines.

MP Jaglul Haider said that he had been serving people in this way since his student life. Cherishing the ideals of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu, he likes to serve helpless and miserable people.

This member of the National Assembly thinks that there is no greater joy than doing one's own work.