Move to halve road accidents by 2030

Need for better enforcement of existing laws

Although there is a lot of writing about road accidents, there is no sign of it getting near to being stopped. Road accidents have become unstoppable. Every day lives are being lost on the roads. News about this is found on the pages of newspapers and electronic media regularly. However, it bodes well to know that World Bank has joined hands with BRAC to implement a massive programme to reduce road accidents by 50 per cent by 2030  through undertaking various  programmes.

As per a report published in this daily, there was a memorandum of understanding signing ceremony that took place between the two organisations. Hopefully, with private initiative the loss of lives will be reduced in the next ten years. To bring sustainable change on the roadways of the country, it is imperative for ensuring some positive changes. Yet, so far, there hasn’t been such change despite harsher penalties imposed for violation of traffic laws. As such, conscious groups cannot help ponder what is going wrong here?

So far, there hasn’t been such change despite harsher 

penalties imposed for violation of traffic laws

On the other hand, the report also elaborated on how the campaign will complement the World Bank supported WeCARE project, which was approved in June 2020 and aims to upgrade the existing two-lane highway, Bhomra-Satkhira-Navaron, and Jashore-Jhenaidah to a safer four-lane highway.

It is laudable to know that the government is ready to provide full support for the success of this initiative. Analysts believe that in our country, where drug addiction is rampant among drivers, it has become imperative to introduce dope tests immediately. Otherwise, it will not be possible to control the death procession on the roads.