Month-long programme begins for Meditation Day

Published : 20 May 2022 09:12 PM

This year Meditation Day is being celebrated with great enthusiasm in the country and abroad. Quantum, a voluntary humanitarian organization, has called upon all to observe the day with the motto of our ethnic new motto 'Good people, good country, paradise Bangladesh'.

On the occasion of the day, not only a one-day event is being organized, but also month-long competitions are being organized for people of all ages including children and teenagers.

‘In my opinion the predominance of the good in the world is evil if forty three, the number of good is fifty seven’

This message of Rabindranath Tagore is well understood by meditators. Regular meditators understand how meditation awakens good energy or good qualities in a person. Self-confidence, courage, compassion, altruism, patriotism and all other human qualities gradually grow in the mind of a regular meditator. 

As well as this practice helps to remove the 'evil' things. Inside this evil are all the self-destructive elements like anger, resentment, hatred, jealousy, greed, lust, ego, inferiority, fear, anxiety, negativity, disbelief and doubt. All in all, the mind is cleansed of evil.

Quantum Method is the most common and popular meditation method in Bengali language for the last three decades. After completing the four-day meditation course, millions of people have so far benefited directly and indirectly through apps, books, open free programs and counseling.

That is why in 2021 Quantum took the initiative to celebrate World Meditation Day. Gradually the day is becoming festive.

Meditation is that technique or process; which has been mixed with the tradition of this country for thousands of years. If this practice spreads again at all levels, the good entity inside the person will become more active.

There is a lot of good in the world. And the part of the good being is more in every human being. But due to the various pressures around, the evil entity often becomes more powerful and suppresses the good entity. Meditation then saves that good being.

Since 2021, the day has been officially celebrated in Bangladesh and around the world with the initiative of Quantum Foundation. The celebration of the day is actually symbolic. 

When a society or community needs to be made aware of something, there is a context to talk about its importance and significance; then the government organization or the United Nations takes such an initiative on a specific day. That is how World Meditation Day originated.

Five years ago, a British meditation instructor named Will Williams first took the initiative to celebrate this day. Will Williams was an insomniac. After healing through meditation, he became more enthusiastic about it. He came to India to get a deeper understanding and got acquainted with two gurus there. He also studied Chinese, Egyptian and Amazon meditation. At one stage he introduced a meditation method called 'Visa' meditation, whose main melody is derived from oriental meditation.

When the ‘good man’ inside a large part of a country’s population becomes active, alert; that’s when the country became a good country. Our dream is to transform our beloved homeland Bangladesh into a land of good people, a paradise. That is why we need good people. And the practice of meditation is necessary for the transformation of every human being into a good and virtuous person. When people are good, when the number of good people increases, our ethnic mentality will gradually move towards its dream. May 21st will be a festive day for this year's Meditation Day.